Best of TED2008

image Jill Bolte Taylor gave one of the best talks of TED2008. She is a neuroanatomist that suffered a stroke and describes what she when through. It is an incredibly compelling and touching talk that had many of us in tears. Have a look here.

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2 thoughts on “Best of TED2008

  1. After her talk, I looked around thru my own tears – everyone was cheering, sobbing, truly an amazing experience. Others have commented that after Jill’s talk, the “vibe” of TED seemed to change – people seemed a bit more open, deeper, clearer. I sensed it too. At breakfast the next morning, there were four of us talking – we all agreed that this is probably the most visceral and compelling TED talk yet.

  2. Eman, been wanting to write to let you know it was great to meet and speak with you at TED. Thanks for your thoughts on the priorities of medical research (e.g. our talk about diabetes I children.) Now with Jill Bolte Taylor’s moving first person talk, I wonder if more people will be inspired to consider the relation of brain to the rest of vital body functions and consciousness!

    Another thought — do you think our tears in hearing Taylor’s story, tears of empathy, i.e. the brain recognizing itself?

    May the Breath Be With You,

    M. A. from L. A. a.k.a. Dr. G.

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