TED Reflections.4 Johnny Lee

image Johnny Chung Lee is a Ph.D. Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Johnny stole the show for a while at TED by demonstrating some very cheap, but powerful projects that you can do with a Wii remote. These projects are described on his website, and in the videos below. First is a multi-point interactive Whiteboard using the Wii remote and a couple of easy to build infrared LED pens. The second project video is an example of using head tracking for desktop virtual reality displays. As Johnny mentioned at TED, he strives to produce an 80% solution for 10% (or less) of the cost (i.e. Perceptive Pixel vs. Wii remote Whiteboard). Electronic Art’s new game Boom Blox will ship with “hidden” capability for head tracking and the Wii remote. You can keep up to date with Johnny’s projects by following his blog.

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to emansviews.com. I hope you’ll stop by.


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