TED@Aspen Day One

A few photos……

onelaptop I showed up early to TED today and walked around the conference center. It was nice to see the One Laptop Per Child project up close and personal. This device is very intriguing, not only for its main mission for children in developing nations, but how it might be used in other situations, such as disaster relief. With an open source project such as this, it will be interesting to follow what developers come up with next. In the course of my discussion with a representative from AMD, I was fascinated to find out about AMD’s 50 by 15 project. This “bold and far-reaching effort, the 50×15 mission, is to enable affordable, accessible Internet connectivity and computing capabilities for 50 percent of the world’s population by the year 2015.” And to do so in a sustainable way.

waiting Waiting to get into the main conference area, and meeting a variety of fascinating people.

scar An Aspen-only event – giving each individual 30 seconds to share something about themselves. Here Rives is describing this part of the day to us. Today’s question was How’d you get that scar? We heard quite a few humorous stories about physical and emotional scars. Definitely a fun start to the days events.

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to emansviews.com. I hope you’ll stop by. 

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