TED Starts Today

stage My TED experience has begun with some great conversations over breakfast this morning with a couple of other TEDsters. It’s very inspiring just to hear other peoples stories on how they’ve become interested in TED. The official program is set to begin at 2pm local Aspen time with a “fun meet and greet” hosted by TED Content Producer Kelly Stoetzel and Rives. One of the emails to the Aspenites hinted at an opportunity of 30 seconds on stage during this session. Who will be bold enough to go on stage! It should be fun.

As a TED virgin, I’ve been cautioned to take my time and take in everything at a measured pace. Maybe I should be doing some kind of brain exercises before the talks begin today! And speaking of talks… Here’s today’s agenda.

Session 1: Who are we?
WADE DAVIS: Anthropologist
Wade Davis travels the globe to live alongside indigenous people
and document cultural practices throughout our “ethnosphere.”

LOUISE LEAKEY: Paleoanthropologist
Louise Leakey hunts for hominid fossils in East Africa, in the
family tradition. She and her mother, Meave, recently found
bones that may redraw our evolutionary tree.

Chris Jordan runs the numbers on modern life, making largeformat,
long-zoom artwork out of our most mindblowing stats.

JILL BOLTE TAYLOR: Neuroanatomist
Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor studied her own stroke as it
happened — and has become a passionate advocate for the
brain’s resilience.

Session 2: What is our place in the universe?
PATRICIA BURCHAT: Particle physicist
Patricia Burchat studies the structure and distribution of matter,
anti-matter, dark matter and dark energy.

John Hodgman is a writer, humorist, geek celebrity, former
professional literary agent and self-proclaimed expert on all
world knowledge.

PETER WARD: Paleontologist
Peter D. Ward studies mass extinctions, and is also co-author of
“Rare Earth,” arguing that perhaps no other planet has the
circumstances to permit intelligent life.

SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: Spiritual teacher
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has devoted his life to breath, meditation
and radiating love to his millions of followers.

KAKI KING: Guitarist
Kaki King combines jaw-dropping guitar technique with dreamy,
searching songwriting.

One final note, on Thursday the TED Prizes will be awarded. This event will be broadcast live on Thursday, 5:15pm Pacific time at this link.

Yet another final note, if you want to see more photos from TED, check out this link on Flickr.

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to emansviews.com. I hope you’ll stop by. 


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