TED 2008 : Pre-meeting Prep

I just got done printing out the TED 2008 schedule and pasting it into a new Moleskine notebook for the conference. Here’s some other items as folks prepare for TED…

Chris Anderson – curator of TED appeared on Charlie Rose this week. See the video here.

Thomas Dolby – musical director of TED has a great blog, and is talking about getting ready for TED.

Tomtalks about the TED Buzz on his TrueTalk Blog.

The CBC has a nice article about TED here.

Conde Nast Portfolio.com – sponsor of TED, is devoting parts of their web site to all things TED.

Kluster – a web based collaboration and decision making platform will be launching at TED. From kluster’s site… “kluster is a place to harness the power of community collaboration to get things done. everyone has ideas, we provide the platform to get them out of heads and into the world… where they belong.”

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to emansviews.com. I hope you’ll stop by. 

Encyclopedia of Life – part E.O.Wilson’s TED wish is set to launch during TED. See more about EOL in the video below.

Rickshaw Bagworks – a new company, founded by Mark Dwight the former CEO of Timbuk2, will be launching their bag line at TED. Below is a video of Mark, his Moleskines, and the new bag.


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