Eleven Days To TED

ted_segway We’re down to eleven days until the TED conference begins. I’ll do my best to blog from the conference, but will not try to compete with outstanding bloggers such as Ethan Zuckerman or Bruno Giussani. These two bloggers have done outstanding jobs of blogging about the conference at times in near real time. I’ll do my best to summarize my thoughts at the end of the day or during breaks depending on the conference environment.

One part of the TED experience is networking with other TEDsters via the TED online profiles. I need to add to my profile, specifically my favorite TED talks, which I’ll post here as well. I have many favorites, but here’s a listing of a diverse set.

Sir Ken Robinson – my absolute favorite TED talk. His mixture of humor and a serious message regarding creativity and education is extraordinary.

Hans Rosling – I get an email about once every month or two from colleagues who’ve recently discovered this talk. A great message, and a great software application to visualize the data.

James Watson – humorous description regarding the structure of DNA, as well as the future of DNA research.

Larry Brilliant – now Executive Director of google.org, the philanthropic part of Google, Larry describes the eradication of small pox, and the use of Internet searching technologies to rapidly identify and respond to new pandemics.

Majora Carter – a courageous talk describing her fight for environmental justice in the South Bronx. I love her quote.. “Don’t waste me.”

Rives – this poet’s manipulation of our language is amazing. An outstanding performance remixing TED 2006 content – you can still appreciate it, even if you haven’t seen the TED talks he refers to.

John Doerr – a touching conversation on how Al Gore’s message regarding global warming has impacted this successful venture capitalist’s future investments.

Erin McKean – funny and insightful thoughts regarding dictionaries. Yes, I said dictionaries.

photo by jurvetson

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to emansviews.com. I hope you’ll stop by. 


2 thoughts on “Eleven Days To TED

  1. Hello. Thanks for the mention and for your enthusiasm about TED. I’m TED’s European director. Please keep me posted on your TED-like corporate conference, I would be interested in learning how it plays out. Hope you’ll enjoy Aspen! BG

  2. Thanks Bruno! I will blog about how the internal conference works out. Right now it is scheduled for September, enough time for colleagues to nominate internal speakers and make travel plans. I am getting great support from senior management to ensure the conference is a success. There is already a good grass-roots excitement for the conference within the company.

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