Countdown to TED

470387534_e3de177f90_m One month from now I’ll be attending the TED conference in Aspen, CO. I wasn’t able to get into the conference at it’s primary location in Monterey, CA but will be viewing the majority of the talks via satellite in Aspen with about 300 other attendees. I’m looking forward to the trip and hope to bring back several ideas & concepts to my work.

Furthermore, I’m working to establish a TED-like conference within my own company. While TED provides a venue for 50 of the most creative, influential, passionate, and articulate people on the planet (with ~1000 attendees), I hope to find ~15 similar people within the 80,000 colleagues of my corporation. I’ll intersperse our own employees presentations along with 2-3 TED Talks for our very own mini-TED conference. We’ll see if we can create the same inspiring and energetic environment within a big corporation.

photo by Lilly

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to I hope you’ll stop by. 


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