Blogs I Read

85515856_e56aae92bf_m I really like reading blogs, especially blogs with a theme, but not the online diary type. While I currently subscribe to about ~100 blogs, there are only a few that I consistently read daily or weekly. In addition to those listed on the blogroll, here’s a few of my other favorites…

Wishing Wealth – published by Eric Wish covering practical stock market analysis

Traders Paradise – published by Dennis Bolze a successful futures day trader

Zen Habits – published by Leo Babauta covering productivity, eating healthy, simplifying, etc.

TED Blog – official blog of the the TED conference

What’s Next – published by Roo Reynolds, Metaverse Evangelist

Presentation Zen – learn how to present like Steve Jobs, and TEDsters

Official Google Blog – need I say more

Endless Innovation – thoughts and topics regarding innovation

photo by Annie Mole

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to I hope you’ll stop by. 


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