Early Morning Flight

early_flight Yesterday, I was up at 3:30 am to drive to the airport for a 6:10 am flight. I’m on my way to San Diego today to visit a friend, visit one of my corporate sites, and meet with one of our software vendors. I decided to bring along my camera to capture some photos along the way. As always, the photo doesn’t do the scene justice. It was a nice dawn view with the moon and a star or two in the sky.

While visiting our software vendor I’ll be discussing the possibility of enabling cut and paste capability of chemistry structure objects in SharePoint (e.g. lists, wikis, blogs, discussion forums). Chemists need the ability to write in two “languages” – text and chemical structures. Enterprise software usually doesn’t consider chemical structures, so it’s a needed add in.

It should be a good trip, and on this first leg of the journey the flight is not very full so I have 3 seats to myself. Enough room to pull out my giant T61p laptop and compose this post.

photo by eman

NOTE: eman’s views has now moved to emansviews.com. I hope you’ll stop by. 


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