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Blogs I Read

85515856_e56aae92bf_m I really like reading blogs, especially blogs with a theme, but not the online diary type. While I currently subscribe to about ~100 blogs, there are only a few that I consistently read daily or weekly. In addition to those listed on the blogroll, here’s a few of my other favorites…

Wishing Wealth – published by Eric Wish covering practical stock market analysis

Traders Paradise – published by Dennis Bolze a successful futures day trader

Zen Habits – published by Leo Babauta covering productivity, eating healthy, simplifying, etc.

TED Blog – official blog of the the TED conference

What’s Next – published by Roo Reynolds, Metaverse Evangelist

Presentation Zen – learn how to present like Steve Jobs, and TEDsters

Official Google Blog – need I say more

Endless Innovation – thoughts and topics regarding innovation

photo by Annie Mole

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Countdown to TED

470387534_e3de177f90_m One month from now I’ll be attending the TED conference in Aspen, CO. I wasn’t able to get into the conference at it’s primary location in Monterey, CA but will be viewing the majority of the talks via satellite in Aspen with about 300 other attendees. I’m looking forward to the trip and hope to bring back several ideas & concepts to my work.

Furthermore, I’m working to establish a TED-like conference within my own company. While TED provides a venue for 50 of the most creative, influential, passionate, and articulate people on the planet (with ~1000 attendees), I hope to find ~15 similar people within the 80,000 colleagues of my corporation. I’ll intersperse our own employees presentations along with 2-3 TED Talks for our very own mini-TED conference. We’ll see if we can create the same inspiring and energetic environment within a big corporation.

photo by Lilly

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Taking Off

474580010_4c0c8ccba9_m I just got done setting many of the preferences on this blog to provide a clean simple appearance. I like it. I think WordPress has some nice “out of the box” templates for use that I appreciate. I also went ahead and downloaded the newest version of Windows Live Writer. If you haven’t used WLW for publishing to your blog, I would give it a try. It especially makes embedding pictures and video easier. Now it’s time to do some advertising that I’ve set up shop on the Internet…

photo by *sean

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The Future is Cloudy

cloudy The Financial Times recently ran an article on cloud computing. While they failed to mention Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, they did mention Google with it’s collection of web applications and a few other new comers to the party. You can find the full article here. A quote from the article..

“A handful of others have been pursuing the same vision. IBM recently came up with a service for business customers that it – predictably – calls Blue Cloud. This year is likely to see Microsoft joining the rush, as it looks to extend its dominance of the computing platform from the PC to the cloud.”

photo by Nicholas_T

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Early Morning Flight

early_flight Yesterday, I was up at 3:30 am to drive to the airport for a 6:10 am flight. I’m on my way to San Diego today to visit a friend, visit one of my corporate sites, and meet with one of our software vendors. I decided to bring along my camera to capture some photos along the way. As always, the photo doesn’t do the scene justice. It was a nice dawn view with the moon and a star or two in the sky.

While visiting our software vendor I’ll be discussing the possibility of enabling cut and paste capability of chemistry structure objects in SharePoint (e.g. lists, wikis, blogs, discussion forums). Chemists need the ability to write in two “languages” – text and chemical structures. Enterprise software usually doesn’t consider chemical structures, so it’s a needed add in.

It should be a good trip, and on this first leg of the journey the flight is not very full so I have 3 seats to myself. Enough room to pull out my giant T61p laptop and compose this post.

photo by eman

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Welcome to eman’s views

Welcome to eman’s views. At this blog you’ll find the thoughts reflective of eman’s interests. At the moment these interests include Web 2.0, social networking, innovation, cheminformatics, and leadership. I hope you enjoy the content and come back often.

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